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The Valley-Hi Ranch Estates subdivision is located in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The Valley-Hi HOA (Valley-Hi Ranch Estates Homeowner’s Association, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that was organized to represent the interests of the property owners, to protect and enhance the beauty of the area, to enforce the protective covenants, and to operate in accordance with its bylaws for the benefit of the community.  A copy of both our bylaws and covenants are available here: Valley-Hi HOA Bylaws and Valley-Hi HOA Covenants.

What Does Your HOA Do For You?

Here are just of few of the ways your HOA benefits you and your family:

        • Keeps residents informed, via email, about issues impacting our subdivision
        • Compiles and distributes, via email, a neighborhood directory (not shared with 3rd-parties)
        • Implements a neighborhood Firewise USA® program
        • Coordinates an annual slash-removal program, and
        • Sponsors social activities for neighborhood residents

    While participation is voluntary – annual membership dues are $30.00 per household – you can pay them here: PAY DUES and then update your membership information here: Membership Information Form.  Also, a complete list of Valley-Hi HOA membership benefits can be found here: Valley-Hi HOA Membership Benefits

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    In Valley-Hi neighborhood news:

    Our annual Summer Picnic will be held on Sunday, July 21st at the Farr’s home—which is located at 8799 William Cody Drive—see you there!  Tickets at the door are $10.00 each for adults—childred 10 yrs and under are free—for all of the details, see our Summer Picnic Flyer: here

    Our annual Valley-Hi HOA homeowner dues drive is still underway.  If you have not paid your dues already, you can do that by going: here

    As always, for late-breaking news, please check-in at our: Valley-Hi Facebook Page

    Also, did you know that our book club is one of the oldest in Evergreen?  Please check our book club information page for details about how to join in on the fun: Valley-Hi Book Club Information

    If you are a resident of the Valley-Hi neighborhood, please join our HOA by following these steps:

      1. Fill in the Valley-Hi HOA membership form here: Membership Information Form
      2. Pay annual Valley-Hi HOA membership dues here: PAY DUES
      3. That’s it — now enjoy the benefits of HOA membership!

    If you want to enter or update your Valley-Hi HOA membership information with our HOA Secretary, please fill in the form here: Membership Information Form

    You can pay your annual Valley-Hi HOA membership dues here: PAY DUES

    Valley-Hi Ranch Estates

    Some Valley-Hi Neighborhood History

    While the 108 home-sites of the Valley-Hi Ranch Estates subdivision was first platted by Samuel and Bette Rudd beginning in the late 1960s, most home construction did not begin until 1970 continuing through the 1990s.  Except for a few buildable lots, the neighborhood is essentiallly built out.